Why The Dive Academy

padi-divemaster-instructor-lifestyle-koh-samuiAll of us at The Dive Academy have taken the big step of leaving the real world behind to fulfill our dreams of working as PADI Divemasters or PADI Instructors in Thailand so we know there may be many questions and things you are uncertain about before you make the step yourself. We are more than happy to share our experiences with you and answer any questions you have, even non-diving related, that will help make things easier for you to begin the adventure and lead the fantastic lifestyle we and many other PADI diving Instructors around the world enjoy.

PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor training at The Dive Academy is conducted by the owners Paul and Claire who are PADI Course Director and Master Instructor respectively. This gives you the added assurance that we will do everything we can to maintain the reputation that we have established for The Dive Academy for providing the highest standards of PADI training across all levels of PADI courses.

Before going into the diving industry we had many years experience in customer service, so we know what it takes to make sure our customers get the most from their time with us. Of the time you spend with us, only a small amount of that time is spent under water, so we make as much effort at giving you a good time above the water as we do below it.

With more than 15 years experience of instructing dive courses and diving the sites around Koh Samui we also know how to make the most of your precious time under water and how to share our experience so you get the maximum benefit you can from working with experienced instructors.

With a PADI Master Instructor guiding your Divemaster training and a PADI Course Director with fifteen years experience as an instructor to conduct your PADI Instructor training, you can be sure that your training is the best around with plenty of real life experiences shared to enhance your training and give you a real world view of being a PADI Pro. 

padi-5-star-idc-centreThe Dive Academy is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre. This shows a commitment to meeting the high standards of diver training that PADI has in place, and also shows a level of experience and quality across all levels of diver training. We have a reputation for providing very thorough diver training, no matter what level, and we make sure we teach our Divemasters and Instructors how to become safe and responsible PADI Professionals.

We are one of the only dive centres on the island actively offering PADI Instructor level training, and we put a lot of effort into maintaining our reputation for making sure all of our candidates receive the best possible training and can begin their diving career with the knowledge and confidence that they couldn’t have been any better prepared. There are also many instructors currently working for other dive centre’s on the island who completed their professional training with us, which shows the quality of our training is also recognised by our competitors.

The Dive Academy’s facilities and service are arguably the best on the island and we are the only dive centre on Samui who have all of their own facilities contained in one location.

Our main dive centre has 2 modern, comfortable, air-conditioned training rooms including one specifically set up for IDC Courses, allowing students to learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We use up to date PADI training materials using the latest digital technology and products and we have a range of PADI Manuals and DVDs for you to use for reference during your Divemaster or Instructor training and for you to take a look at to find out what other fantastic adventures are waiting for you once you have completed your course.

purpose-built-diving-training-poolThe Dive Academy are the only dive centre on Koh Samui who have their own, purpose built, 3.5m deep swimming pool which is located on site. The pool is perfect for allowing you to practise your professional level skills and also means you have access to it any time you like should you want to jump in for additional practise . Also, being onsite, you do not need to go elsewhere to complete your inwater training during the IDC. Having our own pool means we can schedule the pool sessions at a time that suits your training and anything else that we may have going on -making sure you make the most of your time.

Also at our dive centre you are able to browse our retail section which is located in store, for any items you may need for diving or just want. As a Professional you should have your own equipment and if you need to buy anything we have a full retail outlet and will give honest advice on some of the top brand names of diving equipment including Scubapro, Seac Sub, Suunto and Aqualung. We are also a Registered Mares Retailer.

If you don’t see what you want in our shop we will take you directly to the equipment suppliers where you can choose for yourself from the full range of equipment available and we will also give a discount on whatever you buy from us.

padi-instructors-course-director solving-problemsA common complaint from candidates of IDC’s in other locations or with different Course Directors is that they didn’t feel they had anybody they could turn to for help with problems or questions they had and that they didn’t feel they could ask the Course Director or staff for help without inconveniencing them. If there is anything you’re not sure of or have any questions about, our Course Director and Master Instructor are always around to give additional support whether for extra skill practise in the pool, dive theory explanations or just chat about experiences of IDC’s, IE’s and working as a professional here in Thailand. Also, there will always be members of The Dive Academy dive crew around for you to speak to that will be happy to chat and give you a different perspective.